catarogued Pumpsets

Performance Curve

The Catalogue range is made of small to medium Pumpsets complying with the New Zealand Fire Protection standards. Every unit is tested in our premises and is then delivered on site along with its controller, Fuel tank and set of accessories for fuel lines, exhaust and general installation.

Accessories included with a Pumpset include:

  • Fuel fittings, agglomerator, fuel tank vent, drum pump and 60L fuel drum
  • 2 batteries and boxes
  • Mix/max thermometer
  • Drip tray
  • Flexible exhaust connection, exhaust muffler, exhaust guard and exhaust rain cap.
  • Mounting pads and bushes
  • Oil filled Suction and discharge pressure gauges.


If none of the Catalogue Pumpsets match your required duty, please enquire about our Custom Pumpsets and we will make sure you get what you need.

Looking for a complete site solution? Enquire about our turn key Pumping Packages